Custom Tailoring Isn't as Pricey as You Assumed Quality Tailoring For Cheap

For years I assumed purchasing store bought, commonly sized apparel was sufficient until I gave in and commissioned a custom tailored three piece for myself. I always thought of it as an excessive extravagance, something wealthy dictators wear while handfed grapes by slaves. After putting on my handmade suit, my whole perspective adjusted. The journey of having a custom tailored suit was entirely less laborious and more affordable than I'd believed. I entered the tailor and organic dry cleaning store (most tailors also offer dry cleaning) and was whisked from one side of the store to the next by a friendly tailor with an old-school manner as we glanced over fabric pigments and motifs. After I picked out the pigments and motifs I desired the tailor helped me pick a style. Next came the fitting, and it was the most aristocratic I've felt in awhile. But none of that compared to when, a few days and one fitting later, I tried on the final product. I realize it's overused, but it fit like a glove. Thinking back as I write this I don't why I had a hostile attitude against custom tailoring. I couldn't help but take the rest of my wardrobe to have them adjusted to the correct size. Better yet, the tailor could even do flood restoration for my clothes that'd been water damaged last spring.dry cleaning and laundry mclean va